@}~` Meggie's Birthday Garden '~{@

If I could make you happy
by surrounding you with beautiful things
I'd plant for you a magnificent garden
to make your birthday as beautiful as Spring
Sunflowers as tall as you are
bright yellow petals around the brown
for you to enjoy, to bring you cheer
and never again would you frown
I'd put rows and rows of lillies
of purple, pink and yellow
where you can watch them dance in the wind
as if they were waving to you HELLO!
Marigolds and violets compliment your walk
water lillies would float in the pond
Fragrant lilacs and bleeding hearts in every hue
of which my mother was so fond
Rhododendrons and jasmine to keep you company
by the bench where you sit
so you could be admist God's beauties
as you write your poems to uplift
You can gaze all day at the roses at play
while the baby's breath follow their cue
Black-eyed Susan's and Forget-Me-Nots
because I love the color of blue

For what your friendship means to me
my friend so thoughtful and pure
I'd wish for you the most lovely of birthdays
that through time and distance, could endure
I'd give to you what my mother has done
before this world she did part...
Created for me, the garden for all to see,
knowing it's where she has left her heart.

October 11,2007

by Lee Degnan

Comments (8)

Ahh.. so snuck another in under the radar... You are forgiven, since it's for such a sweetheart.. I wished I knew it was her B'Day.. but glad you at least gave her a garden Mom would've been proud of! Great write sis! ! Love ya and miss ya!
The things we'd do, if only we could, to show those we care about just how much... I'm sure all your efforts were appreciated. Excellent poem.
Awsome my friend..such a nice write that paints a lovely picture, hope she had a nice BD, Lee..xx
Meggies wish was granted in this poetry Lee... she got not only a flower but a garden of it! Beautifully expressed, a great gift for a dear friend like Meggie. Top mark.
oh. Lee..you are very creative..you have magically made a very beautiful garden of flowers from me..this is soooo beautiful..Ang bango.. i can smell even here in my screen! what lovely flowers you have planted for me..I can pain a picture out of this..I am happy, you have filled the waters in my eyes to the brim that i have to get pails and drums to collect all my tears! I thank everybody, esp you, Lee, for making my day a very memorable one and i will always treasure this day.. God bless you all..Maramimg salamat po Mahal kita, Meggie
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