(04 October 1943 / Germany)


I have had a melancholy day.
And please don't ask me why.
I do not know myself
why gremlins come in to the
lounge room of my mind.

It ought to be forbidden,
I would say.
That bad vibrations,
'couraged by bad spirits,
can settle in and ruin my life today.

All things went wrong today
except the morning pee,
it came out by itself, without
And I despaired-
I'd told her I would not,
but what the hell was,
bloody, going on?

Some hours passed,
the darkness out
is waiting.
I'll run my legs off,
maybe that will help.

I'm out the door,
the phone rings
and I hear her:

Don't worry,
things will never
be the same.

And, be it known:
My Goddess is
my friend.

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Comments (2)

No deep depression, just fell into a hole, probably caused by a glitch in my biorhythm.Gremlins everywhere, even in my computer. But, using a bottle may be a useful distraction, it's the aiming that counts. Going swimming in the ocean now. H
Herbert you are not in deep depression are you, surely your day wasn't as bad as mine, take heart my friend in the fact that you can pee and i might add, it doesn't have to be in a bottle Warm regard's From a fellow man of word's AJS