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Melancholy State
DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)

Melancholy State

Poem By David Taylor

What is this melancholy state
That keeps the mind most dark
And makes these thoughts and speech irate?
What is this melancholy state
That hides the happiness
And makes these words sound glum with hate?
What is this melancholy state?

What is it that has contrived
And tricked the mind to make me feel
That all around is bleak and ill?
They are but shadows of the past
Which in the gloom of unlit space
Creates a fear from unclear shapes.
What is this melancholy state?

Please may I request
That your light will shine again
And make these shadows clear to see
And cease their menacing touch on me
It seems to me that only thee
Can shine the light that sets me free.
What is this melancholy state?

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Comments (4)

David, of your poems I've read, I think this has the most depth. Have you considered trying free verse? I've noticed that your rhymes often get in your way of a successful poem. (just a suggestion) I think the repetition of the first line is successful in this poem. I have often been criticized for doing that, but I like the way it makes a poem more musical. Good luck. Raynette
Another great write. Written with every ounce of your emotions. Highly readable, and as Justine so rightly puts it, many of us will relate to this poem. May the sun shine for you, David. Love, Fran xx
You have eloquently conveyed the 'melancholy state' that many will relate to - just like the sun emerging in the sky, light will return again bringing with it warmth and smiles... Justine
flowing expression of thoughts - light will shine once again!