Rays Overflow

M-arch second early morning,
A-nother night is gone;
R-ain and chill have turned
I-nto a warmth of the dawn.
C-oal clouds become white,
E-vening shadows disappear;
L-ight that shines above brings mirth and cheer.

D-usk has just faded
A-way from your view;
L-ook at the pleasant place,
A-iming to comfort you.
Y-ews are cool to the eyes,
G-reen leaves are the same;
O-pen air touched by breeze
N-eeds to feel the flame.

T-wilight has vanished,
O-ne day starts to break;
L-et the gray haze pass,
E-vade the pain and ache.
N-ew dawn is now shining
T-o brighten the meadow;
I-nclement weather is over,
N-oontime rays

by Bernard F. Asuncion

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