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Poem By Paula Zahnke

You and I were kids still in on the steps.
talking about subjects that no one could understand.
Walking to the store and eating candy.
Those memories were then and I keep them in my heart.
You flew into my life and open the book of family.
Feelings are whole even though disagreements are a part of life.
People are not perfect, but the eyes on my little sister.
You understand and you ride the ocean with me.
When I am going to drown.
O would take you high into the mountians.
when you are feeling down.
You held me close when I lost my best.
But you carefully point me toward the goal.
that was on the list.
You are my sister.
I love you asmy wings.
YOu are my sister.
You are a butterfly on the petals of a rose.
You are my sister.
You stood with me.
YOu are my sister.
You are there for me.
You are my sister.
Who smiles and laugh
you are my sister.
even when I have gas.
You aremy sister.
I thank god.
you are my sister
because that is who you are.

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Absolutely stunning work, Paula. You do your sister proud!