Melodious Tune

As the day starts to dim into a rainy nocturnal,
I get lost within you,
The corridors of your rapture pulls me beneath.
Your eyes gleam humidly with the melted heat
Exploding from you.
Your sweat dripping on me,
Melting as you whisper a melodious tune,
Serenading me with your enchanting voice,
Fixating me towards the sky;
And each raindropp splash against the floor,
Forming a mirage around us on this hot summer day.
Your smiles, washed with the coolness of the water,
Glows and refreshes, filling me with joy.
I close my eyes and feel your love waltzing
All over my skin with every might.
You release and unlock me from your arms
And we fight for breath, accepting the rain
As if falls furiously from above,
Showering us with more than we desire,
On a warm, crisp summer’s day.

by Maria Kamy Abdool

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