In the darkest parts of night
I heard a heart
that sang a song like mine.
I housed it in an airy house
built with the branches of a willow tree,
on the same foundations as the rain.
I waited for our hearts to sing,
sing out in perfect harmony.
I found I was only waiting for time.
My heart was quiet all the while,
waiting for the other's melody,
but soon I realized that the rain
was offended by my trespassing
and had sent a horrible destruction.
It was an Armageddon like no other,
a day in which nothing was left standing
except the fragile.
In what was left- a world of glass
and willow branches-
I heard his song sing out with me
and suddenly, so suddenly,
we sang in perfect harmony.

For Marina, Hans Christian Anderson's Mermaid.
She knows why.

by Rebekah Gamble

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