Poem By Randy McClave

I like melons I told her
She said that she liked them too,
But, I was staring at her breasts at that moment
My statement was a bit misconstrued.
I like them when they're small and firm
They seem to be more succulent and tasty,
She nodded her head in total agreement
I love them I said, as would a little baby.
I love to hold them in my hand
And then squeeze them firm and tight,
She smiled and said that she did as well
It brings her also a great delight.
The smaller ones I like them so so much better
She agreed eagerly which gave me a smile and hope,
I can hold one in each of my hands
As I thought of her, she imagined a cantaloupe.
As my mouth then began to water
At an image of her my mind alone suggests,
She too said she wanted to fondle that delicacy
As she stared in memories, I stared at her breasts.
In a desire I screamed that I needed them
She agreed eagerly as to what I thought she knew I was tellin'
So, she then sent me to the Grocery store
And there I bought us a small watermelon.

Randy L. McClave

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