Melting Dreams To Feed The Daytime

Poem By Michael Norton

I’ll give everything passing thing I see,
A silly name that about you and me.
And even when I sleep at night,
I’ll have to hold my eyes to stop the light
It burns an image of your face,
As my dream melts right into space
To show your eyes are open too

Hold on to me,
Through the maze of saffron stocks,
Winding through the life you had forgotten,
About when you gave it up,
A long, long time ago

And even if an egg is broken
Feel my lips, I have spoken
The rain might been its mocking us
But its only washing away our pasts

Hold on to me,
Though the day is cloudy,
And time is short and running out
But we can make it, have to take this chance
It’s the only one we got

It’s a leap of faith, the devil’s dance
Leaving me in an unforgiving trance,
Stop, let’s talk it over
Stop, put your head on my shoulder

Hold on to me,
We could go far
Ride together, take the backseat
Melting dreams to feed the daytime
I don’t even want to get out

Have to change, no not this time
Keep me running but that’s just fine,
With me, can’t you see, it’s dangerous
Not to give in to this feeling of,

Hold on to me,
Feel the nighttime,
The birds of air sing to only us
The radio seems to know
Did you stop to tell them?

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