(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Melting Pot

We grow enough.
To know our likes and displeasures.
We grow enough.
To amplify what is disqualified.
And gather with others,
Who accept our opinions.
But ignore our advice.
We dance to rhythms.
And hum along to melodies.
We wish during holidays,
To have peace and harmony.
We say we love our neighbors.
As long as the gossip they keep hot.
We do what we please when we choose.
But when someone different,
Of another culture and color...
Do what we choose better to do,
On them we call the cops.
Unaccepting of a diversity,
To then claim a country...
Is a melting pot.
But the mixture of it,
Has too much flavor.
And those with preferences,
Wish all the diversity around them stops!

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