(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Members Of A Tribe

With values wished to relive,
As a treasure expected...
From one generation to the next.
Can not sustain to remain,
That same kind of mindset.
If what had been valued,
Loses reason, purpose and effect.
Without a projected respect,
To have gone neglected to teach it.

Lesson learned to remember stay.
When desires are embedded.
And kept prioritized within,
Each member of a tribe...thriving.
Not to allow to end...it's survival,
By rivalries misunderstanding.
Identites gone unrecognized.
And not left to assume a connection,
Without having affection for it.
Keeping that tribe stengthened.

Thoughtlessness fed feeds thoughtlessness.
Thoughtlessness breeds mentalities seized,
By a spreading of an internal diseasing weakness.

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