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Memento Mori
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Memento Mori

Poem By Tears In Rain


There is only that what i see, hear
So delicate, to touch or feel here

no, naught in heaven
we're not in heaven
here, not in heaven
'cause we'll go not to heaven
nor below

Past the time now, when i tried too
to bury, to hide or keep tied to

all of that
or all of this
all our this and that
'cause we'll leave this for that
that i know

For all we have, now's surely ours
'tis somehow saved, shared, but for hours

if not that, what more
if not this, what for
for you, for me, forever more
all of you, all of me
this we owe

But all these senses, they won't be worn
all life's sentences, they will be shorn

torn from this soil
no tasks left to toil
no matter, atom, each coil
scattered, stripped bare of all but
id or ego

Not a finger to put on it
neither poem, prose, song or sonnet

no body or refrain
will stay or remain
no stains, no remains
when we've gone, go away
where we go

Not only you, two can resist
ring, resound, pervade, and persist

to be near to me
to keep, true to me
my light, my night, my mori
So my only, wholy memory
my memento

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What we have is fleeting.