! Memorial

How perfectly they stand aligned
In geometric form designed
To please the eye, but not the mind -
So many side by side;

White crosses standing in a row
Some are strangers, some we know
And every year the numbers grow -
A sad memorial;

Each with a story of its own
A life, a death, a soul unknown
Struck down before the boy was grown -
A life cut short, unlived;

'Protect your country' was the call
And in the end each gave his all
But did this nation watch them fall?
On foreign soil they lay;

Surrounded by their friends and foes
The grisly details no one knows
On family faces sorrow shows -
And still the scene replays;

Shall peace forever be a dream?
These tortured souls forever scream
And does God hear their cries, it seems
They fall upon deaf ears;

And so the annual ritual plays
While 'neath the ground each body lays
In every town's Memorial Day
We honor those we've lost;

And though we give them due respect
The seeds of war shall yet infect
Unless we choose to interject
A prayer for all mankind;

That war and killing now must end
Our thoughts of love must now transcend
Let each man call each man his friend..........
On this Memorial Day.


by Linda Ori

Comments (11)

excellent write..filled with emotional value..10
A sentiment that dips into a man’s heart...even more so for some of us who have kissed the cold white stone in gracious appreciation that it is not I, but should have been. Bless you!
This is excellent. It says so much and says it so well. I will save it as a favorite and it is a 10.
A powerfully moving tribute to the fallen, and persuasive lamenting of the brutality and senselessness of war... Will there ever be an end to it? Probably not while humans live... and a very fine example of your poetic abilities.. the rhyme structure adds poignancy to the 4th line of each verse. xxx
i love it i think that u don`t mean war while saying it but u mean love itself don`t u?
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