JPN (Jan.1945 / Bihar, India)

Shall I Compare My Mother To The Sun?

Shall I compare my mother to the sun?
shining in the dark so brightly,
slowly setting when you are done.
All through the night you wait and hold tightly.

Controlling the temperatures of those around you,
Making some blossom or weep,
If you are down others are blue,
right until up you start to creep.

You are as cheerful as a yellow bird,
chirping and chirping for others.
As soon as you are heard,
People quietly wake up one another.

Without you everyone would sob,
because there was no one to do the job.

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Please read my bereaved. We see our loved ones wherever the eyes roam - they find a likeness in the leaves the fly, the moon, the sky, the milk jug which daily poured out love at the breakfast table. Yes, the list of animate and inanimate things, the shadows of the smile and eyes reflected in the face of children everything reminds us of the love. Thank God for the sweet memories and thoughts which give us the strength to walk on this earth!