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Memorial Day

Unto our fallen hallowed dead:
From the time of our inception!
Do we now this day pay honor:
With our thanks and due reception!
They have departed! We are here:
Do we each hold, what they held dear!
They gave their lives that we may live:
And so we live together here!
We've heard the cries of "no more wars"
300 raged these fifty years!
And has the world at last found peace:
So many died! So near! So dear!
And why does war seem not to cease?
Must men still die for mad men schemes!
How long killing still go on:
From hatefulness and selfish dreams!
The truth is wars will never cease:
Till goodwill in every heart!
Then only can all be at ease:
Fear of each other then depart!
Remember-then-this hallowed day:
Not just for picnic and for play!
Without them, we would not be here:
Or much you have would disappear!

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