How To Get Freedom And Peace!

All things, fast or slow, all do only to get freedom and peace;
Without them no free air one can breathe or get good sleep!
Even with discipline, if one does all, one also has tension and
Fear not knowing the end point of all turmoils in the society!

No one is an island in the world, but of the same continent
However vast one is separated by rivers and seas forever sure!
No one can live at the top of the snow mountain forever and
Also, no one can survive long under the deep sea forever....!

So, general problems affect all as all are chained to each other
Just as network or gravitation attracting all planets in the Universe
Making all think about fair means of survival together rather than
Apart to enjoy benefits one only can to be blown up as balloon later!

By sharing both joy and sorrow with all, all can live peaceful life ever;
But failing which, one has to face only chaos and calamities in turmoils!

by Ramesh T A

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Dear, Mr Amichai I am working on a project in English where I find soldiers poems, stories, or journal entries and analyse them. after reading your poem i wanted to comment about it. i really love where you are coming from in this poem. a lot of people take memorial day for granted and they should not because soldiers have given us everything we have today and i would just like to say thank you and i will be remembering all those that have fallen this memorial day. I wish u the best.