Roads We Travel

There are many roads we travel
And probably most we leave behind
We continue to walk ahead of us
New fresh roads we want to find

And sometimes we wonder
If we took the best road we could
If we could erase them and start over
We often think perhaps we would

Some roads we travel often though
Off and on throughout the years
They get worn and sad and weary
And we shed so many tears

But we try to put them behind us
And trudge bravely on ahead
Trying very heard to not look back
But find great new roads instead

So no matter where we’ve been
As our lives we continue to unravel
We all just try to do our best
With the many roads we travel!

by Marilyn Lott

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A marvelous piece; there's nothing glamorous about war, yet soldiers give their most precious asset for God, Country and Duty - a debt that can never be repaid by us; therefore, we must honor them, remember their sacrifices and live as free men. -Joe Breunig Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory