A Wrong Praise

it is human nature to feel good
when served with lavish food
praised few words in honor
appeasement theory even uncalled for

It is killing an ideal man
the downfall is not by only woman
it is done by great and close friends
this has remained clear trends

t is easy to boost a prestige
though it may not be done at ease
the opponent understands the try
but he fails to find and feels shy

downfall may be caused by only few or five
to whom you think very close and believe
pretty friends and fools get elated
when they are praised and equated

It kills spirit and self pride
it is intentional try to conceal or hide
the weakness may be exposed at later stage
you will be living under illusion with inability to manage

Your half work may be done with little praise
it may take him by surprise but erode the base
it will downgrade his thinking power
he may nose dive and enjoy position very lower

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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I have stood at Wordsworth grave in Grassmere. There is a sign pointing to it. But no sign can bring us that way better than this poem. And one should read this poem while standing there, knowing the power of words.
A beautifully written and philosopical memorial highlighting the strengths and flaws of these three great poets and their differing effects on society. Perhaps Arnold is suggesting and moaning the death of the Age of Romantic Poetry with the loss of these poets each of which had a powerful effect on his writings.
Tribute to Poets like Byron, Goethe and Wordsworth in his own critical style, Matthew Arnold stands unique among modern poets of the world!
A poem about someone's grave can be interestingly flowery and rich to the point of influential praise.
It is not only a tribute to the three great poets, but also a real-time adoration of the truth and love for creativity.
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