Poem By ally jones

Bad memories fading in.
Good memories fading out.
You say to let it go,
But I dont know what your talking about.

Time speeds up,
and I still fight alone.
You reach your hand out to me,
Something I should have known.

I ignore all your help
and keep suffering inside.
Everyone else lets it go,
but in secret I still cry.

Im the master of discuise.
I can hide anything!
My fears, doughts and sorrows...
you wont see what im carrying.

My life is a mess.
It needs to be fixed.
But until that time comes...
everything stays mixed.


Comments about Memories

Your poem was very well worded. I feel so sorry that you feel the way you do...believe me you are not alone. It almost feels as if you were writing my thoughts and feelings too. Please stay strong...People who truly care ARE out there...By the way my name is Cecelia. Consider me your Poemhunter friend.

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