I lay on the bed and close my eyes,
Trying to find something new;
I look at every piece of my heart u broke,
I found them all chanting the name of u;

Then came a piece tumbling by,
It posed me a picture of my life;
A pain so brittle came along with smile, with-
Memories of me seeing you for the first time;

I turned around and took another piece,
With almost all its parts depleted by,
It showed the days we sang together,
A pain arose that made me shed tears in blood;

The moan of another piece deafened my ears,
Ran through and saw it grasping for breath,
It gave me the trace of ur foot when u left,
There struck a pain that almost showed me death;

With every piece scattered by,
Lays down my heart soaked in the blood of mine,
Beating its way for the memories u gave, am-
Holding life in hands just to see u back again…!

by Arun Achudh

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A romantic piece, I liked it. Good write Arun. Keep it up. worth the 10.