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Wish some memories
Would just disappear
Especially the ones of you
Everytime I remember one
Tears start streaming down my face
Its just not fair that I have these memories
Memories of when you loved me
When you actually cared for me
I wish they would just go away
I cant live another day
With memories of you
Reminding me of what we had
What we were
How much you loved me
Memories should last forever
Its not fair on those
Who want the memories to go

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that's a hot poem.memories.many people can relate to it.you're really talented.for real.
There is so much of pain... PAIN - I have not seen as much as I have seen in PH.... Well chiseld piece of art....... you write tooooo good!
Hi Jess, This is written with compassion and sorrow. You have written this with deep emotions. Good form and imagery. Memories I think seem to haunt us the most. This is very true. Take care.