OO (21/03/89 / Nigeria)


Flowers die,
Stories end,
Memories are sometimes forgotten,
All things xome and go,
But precious people,
Like you and I are treasured forever

by Oyindamola Oduwole

Comments (4)

Simple yet beautiful
I enjoyed your poem. The good name of a person lives on long after death. People are precious and of value, not things.The older I get, the more I want to live forever even though the days move faster and time seems to grow shorter. Because of this, I want to live in the sweet spontaneity of the moment with an expectation that good things are going to happen. And, even if they don't, I would rather as a poet (whose name fails me at the moment) has said, '....do not go gently into that good night but rather rage against it.' The most foolish thing a person can do in my estimation is accept the insincere dictates of the Serenity Prayer which amounts to quiet acquiescence of whatever happens. I would rather look for the third way and ask God for wisdom to fight against complacency and stagnation. I would rather be a fighter any day up to my dying breath. There is some passage in the bible that basicly says that Moses lived a good long time, was strong, and had a spring in his step and a twinkle in his eye up to the day he died. I hope to be like that also, God willing. Anyway, I am sorry to prattle on this way. I liked your poem and am copying it to my private file.
Refreshingly sincere- I really liked its simple but heartfelt subtext.
so lets try to be good people.good thought...