Time For A Little Praying

where could I go
now to find a prophet
who could explain

a brief simple literal
exemplified extended
a metaphor definition

of precious praying relative
to 21st century greed global
selfish inhuman indifference

hear main man told me
your praying every time
when you kindness stop

to help any stranger
struck by bad luck side
of life's lonely road

hear main man told me
your praying every time
when you kindness stop

to mow your neighbour's
grass; give a few dollars
to a forgotten down and out

person bumming a few notes
in a walk past parking lot;
when you take time to passion

listen to any poor lost soul
with a fragmented life blown
apart; when you go donate

your life saving blood free in
your rush lunch hour; when
you stand up alone to defend

that human imperfect person
everyone else is running down;
hear main man also told me

your praying every single time
your heart is moved to take in
a stray homeless lost dog or cat

every time Jesus cared when others
thought Jesus should not to Father God
Jesus was praying as every single time

we care when others think we should not
we are also praying as my own father
was often praying when others knew it not

an excellent extension of praying extended
into social context contemporary community
was written in examples from Eric Cockrell

although many in reality pray for others not

Inspired by the poem ‘You're Praying' by Eric Cockrell.
Copyright © Terence George Craddock

by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)


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