Poem By Little Star

I remembered how you wooed me
The sadness in your eyes
The composure in your voice
The fact that your mother left you
When you were three years old

I remembered how I loved you
Giving you all the love that I could give
Trying to compensate
The love you never had
Trying to fill the voids in your life

I remembered how you cared for me
You were always by my side
Everytime I gave birth to your every child
Kissing my hands, forgetting the pain of childbirth
Overnight you watched me in my bed

I remembered how the glow in your eyes lost
When you shared with someone else
The joys that was all mine
She was your new found diamond
The night turning into mornings in her bed

I remembered how I tried to escape
The sorrows I felt and dared face death
Been much the apple of the eye when I was a child
Now a doormat, a parasite you said
Was it God’s will that I should again live?

I remembered how God’s miracles worked
The garden of love now relived and bloomed
You again proclaimed me your queen, and you my king
All was well, wounds have healed
And like a fairy tale, we did live happily everafter

Comments about Memories

your memories.... is like a fairy pale....but well.
What a beautiful happy- sad- then happy again love story-poem! I loved they way you wrote it! A 10.

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