I often wonder what it would be like

To look into your eyes

Feel your arms around me

Wrapped in your robes of light

It would be incredible!

To be this way just once

Before the special meaning of our meeting changes

If I yearn, if I ache, if I pray

That you, who are so far, are brought closer to me

Even for a day, will I be heard?

Memories last a lifetime they say

What of memories that yearn to assume form

Shape reality

From which I may draw sustenance

For a lifetime, apart!

by Anita Atina

Comments (2)

Anita, a wonderfully expressed poem that drew me in and made me read through to the end. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David
I know these feelings...exactly...there is such longing and sadness to think that what would be precious and sustaining memories may never have a chance to form...