Life: A Magical Mystery

To unravel the magical mystery;

What this life is meant to be,

I search for meaning;

I keep on stumbling,

It's like going in circles;

With no beginning or conclusion,

It's not easy to understand life;

That's where the challenge lies,

Life story is written day by day;

It is written with things that I do and say,

It's just something I have come to note;

Whether I will be euphoric or not,

The preference is mine!

To leave distressing souvenirs behind;

Or let them disturb my mind,

The preference is mine!

To grumble over a blunder when it's done;

Or wade through that blunder and move on,

The preference is mine!

To relish what I have been able to score;

Or thanklessly reject it with scorn,

The preference is mine!

When I dare to take a step;

Or I take a step to take a risk,

The preference is mine!

God shall never guide how well to live;

Whether I mind my mind and I mind my life,

The preference is mine!

It's like I am caught in a clutter of emotions;

Enfolded in scepticism and confusion,

I am left to deal
with an endless struggle;

Of raging emotions and relentless agitation,


To understand life is an art;

And not everyone is an artist!

by Vinita Nahata

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Very short but insightfull. Nice to read with alot of tenderness.. Bonnie