DD (06-10-91 / West Virginia)


I'm in love with a memory that won't slip out of my fingers
Its hard to let something go after so long
Every piece to the story starts out great
But ends with pure chaos
I'm in love with a memory, that won't love me back
Its hard to live life with this regret
But its something that will follow you every second
I'd give you my heart on a string
But would you take it with petty
Or with the thought and the feeling
I'm in love with a memory, thats stopping me from running away
Its happened more than once to everyone
It makes no sense at all
But when you realize life makes no sense
You will get that every memory makes no sense

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Comments (2)

Liked your poem! I certainly understand the where the feeling is coming from!
Enjoyed this feel to this, you have tempered the tone to the music of oh always me, however, life offers no guarentees unfortunatly, and many of us have been there and done that, and believe it or not, still doing it..... Remember things happen in life for a reason, sometimes the worst of reasons, and we dont always know the answer, but someday it will occur to you why...... Enjoyed this very much...... Bonnie