Poem By Arvie Calimlim

I’ve been looking at the sea
It’s been quite sometime now
I really didn’t notice time
I didn’t mind somehow

No one noticed how focused I was
I didn’t even noticed too
Coz in my head I was lost
Thinking of memories of you

I remember the times we were happy
I remember the times we fight
I remember when you leave
And I watch till you’re out of sight

All the memories of you
Just came pass my mind
But then I also thought
The reason I should find

The reason why I think of you
The reason for what I do
The reason memories come
The reason why I’m missing you

I hear the song of the ocean
I see the beauty of the sun
I finally found the reason
When the day was finally done

The reason was just simple
And was definitely true
Those ideas brought out
That the reason is that I love you

Comments about Memories

amazing poem...its horizontal view with a vertical emotion very beautiful...seeing what the mind feel...thank you a 10++++
A Shakespearean kind of poetry..great words and the flow is perfect..marvelous poem
Romantic imagery...wonderful words...looking at the waves and the color of the sun in the water while reminiscing...soft, warm, hearty, touching...if you tell this to the personally to the one whom you are referring to...I'm very sure he would say 'I love you' back to you...

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