CY (3/10/93 / Round Rock Texas)


I remember those things you
threw so uncaringly at me.
I remember the dark blade
dripping in the poisonous remorse
you so nonchalantly carry with you.

You slid that blade through the outer
rim of my being as I came to you
and that dark place and could only stare.
Why? Why did you burn what
was only left of that place?
That place that was the hope of
my soul which I buried there to be
burned in screaming horrid acrid
hate at the flying sinful power of your
blade you slid through my own caring.

You! You that took out what
you knew would only bring suffering
back through the lustful memories of
that indiscrete pain you could not
even stand to hold back for even
one more second as it lashed out at
me and I held you to subdue what
could only get worse.

But You! You threw it at me in a disgusting
hate of the help and love that only I
offered and that could fix the feeling that’s
burned your shattered poisoned
soul that reached for me as I beckoned it away.

You thrust that evil blade of enmity threw
me and for that I turn my love away.
And I laugh. for when you break down
into a chaos of destruction that tears
you apart from the inside and you writhe
in your own self pity I will only stare with
a grim satisfaction on my face, as I will
no longer have any feeling other than
complete corrupted hatred.
And so I sit and wait,
and mercilessly I laugh.

Clayton J. young

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