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I awoke to the sights and sounds of the sea
The lapping of waves on the sand,
The chirping and fluttering of sea gulls swooping down
For their morning feast.
The laughter of children jumping into the waves like fish.
A saw the beautiful fabrics
The colors reflected in a thousand mirrors.
I was enveloped in a sea of blue.
The sky, the sea and the perfectly matched.
Perfectly executed designs of God and man
Put together to create one of those magic moments
We mortals call " memories"
How can one thank God for life and all creation?
How can one thank one's family for its existence- its being?
how can one thank friends for friendship and the sharing
Of a special moment of whatever we have and whatever we are
With whoever we meet along the way and say;
Where have you been all my life?
This is called Life this is called Love
This I believe, is what we are created for.

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