I remember, yes I remember as if it was clear as day
The moments we spent as time slowly drifted away
All burnt into my memory allowing me never to forget
I remember and would always remember as each day ends and the sun sets

I remember the good and bad times, the smiles, the tears
I remember every happy and sad moment we once shared
I remember your kiss, your touch even your smile
For it brought me peace and happiness in my days of exile

I remember your hand fitting perfectly in mine
I remember with you by my side everything seemed fine
I remember that there wasn't a day that I couldn't face
For each day your smile saved me and your welcoming embrace

I remember, yes I will always remember this is true
Every single moment I've once spent with you
For these moments are my special memories that are in my heart
For these memories are now and forever even if we're apart

by Yovanni Emmanuel

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