Make time to hold her both in public and alone
As this day forgotten soon and replaced by ones of stone

Many duties you can list that society make us bound
Memories in years to come you will miss her softer sound

As we change and age enjoy when hands hold the grip
You build unknowingly the best that time allows a trip

Can you again go back and feel again laugh and cry?
While in the present make memories that never die

You have the skill to move forward in time and make
Have power over time but backward you can never remake

Time flows forward and you hope to see the best
Memories holding her close smell her hair hug her breast

Might be the challenge to draw a future curtain...
Be wise enough share minds and some secrets for certain

All we have is today to pour a mold and make a cast
You one day soon will pray you made more to last

Will of steel to pain and fights and sickness endure?
Have a mind of stainless as you're split up for sure

One day soon you'll wake time's blanket seams
Day is sooner when you're left with shelves of bottled dreams

Arno Le Roux 20l4

by Arno Le Roux

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