Wings Of My Dreams, Wings Of Destiny

Wings of my dreams
Fly high upon the sky
Travel to a destination
One these eyes have never seen
Take me unconditionally beyond expectations
Towards a graceful awakening seized

Dreams, wings of destiny
Tread not light
Obliterate this comfort of fear
Erase all of its misery
Anything to finally be freed

The shackles of time regress
No more stress
Meld me into hope
Equip this fate with enigmatic ambitions

So much to do
The time is now
No more stalling
Destiny is clutched firmly
Upon the fate
Of my own heart’s demand

Dreams, Wings of destiny
Please fly as high as you can
Ignore this fear
This wish I fully demand

Wings of my dreams
Fly me above and beyond
Towards an ethereal euphoria
A utopia of Earth’s own traveling delight

I am here
Help me fly
Tattered wings of destiny
Our flaws shall be our guide

Take this heart
It is all I have to offer
Ascend me towards peaceful endeavours within

Wings of my dreams
Of destiny, I ride
Take me even further away
Fly beyond even the sky

This soul is yours
The unity of me and fear
Shall soon become demised

Fearlessly, I shall always be on your side
Wings of destiny, in the clarity of the future
Let us fly beyond the expectations of the sky

Give me a vision beyond even these very eyes

Wings of my dreams
Destiney, would please finally be my true endeavour?
Finally become my guide?

Fear shall die
Fearlessly and exposed
That is the way I shall always survive!

Wings of my dreams
Always keep my destiny strong and alive!

Wings of destiny
Always be the shining star of my own very life

by James Darwin Smith II

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