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Poem By Lawson Brookes

A world unknown, now no relations:
Just four walls, of faded paint ...:
A single bed-a washhand basin ...:
Above the bed-a 'jaded saint'.

Sunday church to hear God's law;
Set the table for just we three;
But those I cherished are no more;
Now of course there's only me.

Here to lie thinking, each day:
Memories, of a time gone by;
Where all ambition passed away:
As quickly as a new born sigh.

What means it all I would ask?
To a bed ridden lonely soul...:
Of not much use, to take to task:
A journey without a goal....

So, I must abide awhile in this state;
And wait, for my home help lady:
She'll know what to do will K...;
My independence ...well, it's crazy

But, what God has willed so be it:
I, would not question Him...
At least, I think my soul is free;
And at present not akin, to sin.

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