I had a sweetheart when I was a kid,
Our passion climbed like a line on a grid.
We held hands as we walked down the street.
Oh, how I longed for our lips to meet.

Then one night when we were all alone,
Her sweet lips touched mine, and my heart was gone.
It was as if I were on a cloud,
My heart was pounding so fast and so loud

I'll be here for you forever and ever, I stated.
Then fate stepped in and we were separated.
Life was so beautiful with my dream of love,
But youth flies away on the wings of a dove.

We grew up in a world apart,
She in a family with love in their hearts;
Me in a world with a load of care,
Where every step was like a dare.

Then one day we met face to face,
She had matured with charm and grace.
I had grown old and wrinkled,
But still to my eyes she brought a twinkle.

As I reached out and made that touch,
I remembered the gentlness I had loved so much.
Oh, why had fate so tempted me?
I knew, but refused to believe, it could never be.

As we stood there in each other's arms,
I again was under her charms.
My life was again filled with desire,
But I had nothing she would require.

As I stepped back and gazed on her face,
She was beautiful and full of grace.
Then wisely she said with a sparkle in her eye,
To lead you on, I'd rather die.

I pray she's happy, in her world out there,
For here in my heart is a load of care.
As I live in my own little place,
The thought of her brings a smile to my face.

by Louis Hall

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