Crossing the Clyde, a wonderful sight, reflections of water in the light,
pass through Paisley a popular town, (I'll stop and shop on the way down)
Reach Kilwinning and get a car to Annie's flat, it isn't far.
Peace and quiet is what I'll get, time to blether, no chance to fret.
Trips to Saltcoats, Irvine and Ayr, people friendly, the weather fair.
Each visit varies from the last the floods, the snow, an icy blast,
forget the cold, even the rain, not deterred, I'll still come again.
The case is lighter, less to pack, stop at Johnstone on the way back.
Onto Linwood, visit them all, bingo with friends in Tweedie Hall.
A friendly drink while I am out, Linwood Social without a doubt.
Visit The Barras in the city, so little time what a pity
I can't stay long, but let it be my chance to return and I shall see
all that I want of Glasgow town, worth the long journey up (and down!)
Worth all the travel and the cost to visit friends I love the most.

by Ann Odger

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