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Memories And Heroes
LC (Friday 16th October 1987 / Alexander Hospital, Redditch.)

Memories And Heroes

Poem By Laura Cummings

We had the chance
But it never happened
And now im left with the ghosts of memories
Saying whisper something nice and ill make you scream twice.
Thinking of all the good times we shared
Even though, the good times were never really there
Because we are walking on the graves of heroes
You left me broken searching for a hero
Until i learnt that everyone is a hero
We are walking on the graves of our heroes
The graves have our names chiseled into them
Everyone is a hero
Everyone is a God
Everyone is evil
Have i become my inner hero, God
Or have i become my inner evil?

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Comments (4)

Well I'm not God (you noticed?) but I reckon you're on the side of the heroes...poets always are, I say.
and i quote: ' your poems make mine look like mud' i beg to differ. like the poem. its deep and makes you think o.0
i realy like this and i would love to see more if you have more. joshua treece
Sharp and poignant to the bone. Flows well. Best wishes Michael Witkowski