Memories Can Hurt

When you make sad memories
Don't let it ruin you.
Everything you do gets better with time
If you smile
If you get happy
You make things around you good or sad..

The past is something precious
Don't make bad ones
Make good ones
And you can smile again

The past makes you cry at times
It can make you smile at times

Words hurt too
Just like the mood
Words sting
Makes a scar in memories
You can't fix it
But you can live with it and smile.

Be happy
Make good memories and a better story
You can make things
You can't fix things

Every mood makes something around you
Broken hearts is just a piece of sand in the ocean..

A heart is your way to mood
A brain is your way to make the mood
Use them right and get a good past behind you

And make a better story..''

by Tilde Sauffaus

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memories always return from time to time they will forever invade our mind and heart nice writing