AI (24.10.1960 / Bangalore)

Memories I

to love for life

Dancing to weird puzzled tunes
Love for life in lilting sounds
Your love shrouds great appeal
Lending wings to life, singing aloud
Life is beautiful and wondrous

In the dark it makes me tremble
Without the silence of your talk
Eyes woken full of freshness felt
Like bringing life to drooping flowers
Life is enriched and sustaining

The world is bright shining new
As the ground flower in bloom
Nothing except your cheer for me
As you head jumping, skipping, hopping
Life is inexplicable and fantastic

The warm breeze over the sea
Touches the warmth that is in me
Lying spread on the sands of time
Soothed compelled to harness my mind
Life is unexplained, delirious and bewitching

Fly and come to me my love
Softly sure as light as a dove

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