AI (24.10.1960 / Bangalore)

Memories Ii

to rain of love that lashes

The great rain that lashes
It plays with its droplets
The garland that it creates
I wonder in which shell
Does its part form a pearl
Today is a magical moment

The great gushing waters
Filling the cheek of the earth
The heart bears footprints on sand
As sound of footsteps trinkle
In the heart as colors splash
For a rainbowed feeling dwells

The great deluge descends
Which are those drops that
leave the ground green?
From whose touch, does one enliven?
Whose name is written on whose breath?
Which flower of love abounds another's heart?
Whose prayer does it answer - who knows?

The great flood arrives
The world's moon keeps smiling
As love's light conquers evil minds
Journeying to one's love in the distance
The spent love of today's fragrant sorrow
Satisfies, filling the love of tommorrow
Leaving one inexplicably rich

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