Friends the most beautiful phase of a human life.The most maverick episode of mankind, the extreme story of short-lived disdain and zenith euphoria.The gregariousness of laughter, hilarity, jocularity and even belligerence. The phase encompassing some of the great episodes of a human life.Friends a company where formality and decency is a defenestration term.A term where boilerplate and rabble rousing is copious in plate to be offered.A moment where seriousness relevant conversation are effaced.A company which encompasses the most gruelling phase of one's life. But when the time calls for ardent situation this relation displays absolute trust and compatible.Faith and love are epitome of this eloquent period of human life.They get estranged, they do get segregated but the relationship of friendship is perpetually cherished by one and all since it provides an antidote to consternation traumatization and trivial lifeThe memories only replenishes your mind and heart with delectation and mirth.

by Dakshat Rasaily

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