NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Memories Of A Caravan Park In Kent

in this empty room upon this hard wooden chair,
i remember those days when life was fair,
alll whom i loved where but a breath away.
upon my nans soft pillow lap i would lay.

During those early years summers where spent,
in a caravan park of commen folk in the town of kent,
long hot days spent roaming the complex,
or down by the sea with home made fishing nets.

Me and my brothers would play hide and seek,
in the sunflower fields, hiding in the mass of
flowers, sometimes one could hide for hours,
till our belly's rumbled, returning home for a cooked treat.

A chorus of laughter could be heard from every caravan,
merry men and merry women relaxing under the evening sky,
Music from the club would vibrate our bedroom walls,
no one minded for it was holiday time.

Each and every summer since the holdidays stopped,
I replay those memories with bittersweet joy,
Memories of a time when all was good in my little world,
And I lived everday as a happy little boy.

Now upon this chair I return from the past,
Memories are great but they fade so fast

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