Memories Of Just Walking Up The Hill

Poem By Rhoda L. Baum

Life seemed so wonderful
While walking up the hill
Birds would keep on singing
And give my heart a thrill
Voices would seem to whisper
And chat along the way --
Like the sweetest sounds of music
Of "Have A Happy Day!"
As I would stop and truly listen
To the rustle of the trees
And feel the gentle touch
Of such a gentle breeze --
How comforting the loneliness
With a kitty at my heels
A dog in the distance
And the sound of buggy wheels!
Just the smell of the apple orchard
Makes me pick one off the trees --
Taste and enjoy every bite
Before the winter freeze!
This vivid glow of autumn
Just lends special childhood
That lives within my heart!
It wasn't the glow of money
That gave my heart a thrill
But that special glow of autumn
High upon the hill!
I thought of how blankets of snow
Would soon cover all over the place
With it's crystal white and sparkling glow
Full of God's amazing grace!
So, just to keep on walking
Listening to the sound
Was the sound of mother's music
As my feet hit higher ground!
Our Lord has been so good to us
We really can't complain
He restores such strength within us
With deepest love to gain --
So life can be so wonderful
While walking up the hill
If you can feel God's special love
Warmly walking with you still!
Memories - Oh, such memories
Are the memories of my mind
They fulfill a glowing heart
Of such a special kind!

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