Memories Of My School

I took back the memories of my school
The olden days that i had in my school came to me..
A question from mind
Is that my soul or the God?
Someone pronounced the secret in my ears..
I saw my puriety
the fun i had..
My school, to love to learn
to know the world..
My friends,
they are the prime of my life
the bloom the blossom..
'll never fail to remember them
Our 'friendship' 'll remain endless..

Why does the dream came to me? ?
To take me close to them/far from them..
I feel thankful to my dream..
It made me remember my teachers
The angels of the world..
A word from my teacher made
me this much..
That the words become my knowledge..

The memories of my school
My campus is an Ornamental palace..
It is there as a rosarium in my mind
My school is my victory..
O'Lord once again take me to my school..! !

by AishwaryaBaiju ...

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