Memories Of The War


Memories of the war

When they came to us we stood
For we were the men meant to stand
And though in the deepest of our hearts bosom
Fear has found a place and worry had detonated its boom
But we held our shield and with our hands clenching the sword
We moved forward and even when it was raining so hard
We had nothing per say, except for one; God

And one by one we dropped, with strong such enemies
Our hands shook, our hearts beating faster, we couldn't hold our tummies
But we knew one thing it had to be done
We would not settle for less it had to be victory or none
Few as we were we sang our song
"We will overcome, we will overcome someday"
And we faced our fears and nothing was wrong
And surely we can live to sing our victory song since that day

©Ssekajja K Ronald 2013

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We can live to sing our victory song. thanks.

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