Your A Faggot

I tried to be good to you...and yet...
you slam hot sticky rices at my back,
you roosted a chicken and throw at my heart,
you put a rat at my face when Iam asleep,
you waste expensive wine just so you can spill it at my face,
you slap me without having no emotion, nor regret,
you push-me out of bed when you feel you need more room,
you punch me at my eyes, just so you could get
a good laugh at my black eye,
you head-butt me just so you can broke my skull into pieces,
you tie me up and pistol wipe me hundreds of time,
you slammed a thousand dollar pot at face,
you kick me out of the house, even though I pay the rent,

I tried to be good to you girl... and yet..
you do what you do,
I guess..I am just a dreadful person to you,

by Ben Luwhiski

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