(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Memories Of Yesterday

So many thoughts bring back the past
Childhoods can be difficult, it’s true
I was lucky, I have wonderful memories
I hope it is the same for you

I remember that little puppy
My brother, Rod, and I begged for
“We'll do everything that needs to be done”
But soon it became a boring chore

So the puppy was given away to someone
Don’t remember now for sure
But it still sticks in my mind
A kind loss we’d both have to endure

People came and went in my life
Grandmothers’ I loved so much
Persistent in their constant love
Yes, they had a soft gentle touch

Places I lived, schools I went to
Classmates both good and bad
My parents I lost both to strokes
Bring memories both happy and sad

And my playmate when I was a child
He too is gone now to God
I pray he is with mom and dad now
Oh, how I DO miss you, Rod!

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Memories of the past, they'll always be there in your mind to view Fond or sad they'll ne'er leave, for there - a part of you! Best wishes Marlyn! *10* Friend Thad