Memories On Your Birthday

You taught me how to bake a cake
So many years ago,
You took me swimming in the lake
And walking in the snow;
We went to watch 'The Black Hand'
And 'Wake of the Red Witch', too -
I don't remember many things
I couldn't make you do;
You used to put my hair up
In pins to make it curl,
So many hours I spent with you
When I was just a girl;
You'd come and play piano
And I loved to hear you play,
Your fingers danced like butterflies
On a lazy summer day;
I loved to eat your sandwiches
Of butter and cream cheese
Whenever I would spend the night
Or picnic 'neath the trees;
You spoke to me of many things
That now I understand -
We wander through 'Green Mansions'
With our spirits hand in hand;
I have so many memories
To last my whole life through,
If anyone has touched my heart
It certainly was you;
I feel we have a special bond
That few will ever know,
And we'll always be together
Wherever the road may go.

Written for my favorite' aunt' five months before she died of a stroke. I had a feeling I wouldn't see her again, and it was true.

by Linda Ori

Comments (4)

An incredibly moving tribute Linda. Full of warmth and loving detail that brings the sharing of experiences to life. And, as ever, very poetic! xx jim
This is lovely, happy childhood memories and a lovely way to remember your Aunt, Lynda xx
Such a wonderful piece to remember your 'fav. aunt' by. Did she ever get to read it? Preets
Dear Linda, This is a warm and moving remembrance of a fondly remembered childhood companion. I recognize so many of your images. I guess that's because we were born in the same year. I do hope your 'favourite aunt' was able to enjoy this beautifully written tribute. fondly, Alison