Memories Re-Lived

Poem By Kathryn Gardiner

For far too long now
I have been facing backwards
Fists clenched
Back turned defiantly
On my future and the unknown
Instead I choose to plant my thoughts
In warm late August afternoons
And days gone by
Under the watchful eye of the moon
I pore over memories
Like precious treasures brought up from the sea bed
Each time I expose them to my conscious mind
They become a little fainter
A little less real
Over and over I replay them
Wishing I could go back
My soul crys for the lost oppurtunities
And beautiful summer afternoons
But now, reluctantly,
I must leave those days to rest
Where they belong, in my past
And in my mind
I stand and leave
My love, my best friend and me
To laugh forever
In the August sun

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