Memories That Sear!

Poem By machi prasad

The dog just ran away,
Ma just cooked, Pa slept,
While little brother just looked,
I want to cry, the eyes won’t tear
Please, please God! Please hear
The memories just sear and I live in perpetual fear,
Oh! Where do I go please, please just hear

I want to be dead
The bathroom tiles just made me see red
The TV offered no respite,
Yet friends said watch despite,
I live a life that is riddled with spite
I want to cry, yet the eyes refuse to tear
Oh! Where do I go please, please just hear

I want to be alone
Pills don’t help, everybody I see is just plain happier
Waiting for the pill to take effect,
Waiting for blessed sleep, this endures to keep
Sleep, a short, short, too short a death
Please, please God hear
The memories just continue to sear
Oh! Where do I go please, please just hear

The feeling is back with a vengeance;
A violence that I cannot unleash
I cut myself; I hurt myself; I hit myself,
I feel pins that leach,
Oh God, Please, Please hear,
The memories continue to sear

I don’t know if it is chemical or psychological
I know this much, it is sociological;
Forced to undergo public disgrace
Where every nuance is just a visage put up for exhibition,
Shame! , Shame! Shame!
An emotion that rules, life is just a phase which never ends
Please, please God! Set me free, I want neither to feel nor see

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